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Part1 week 2 dq #1: what are the major differences between




Week 2 DQ #1:

What are the major differences between screening and assessment materials? 250 words

Week 2 DQ#2:

When assessing if a client is a threat to harm himself or herself, what are the important steps to consider in order to protect the client and yourself? 250 words

Part 2 : Benchmark – Substance Use Disorder Testing

Select and research a substance use disorder testing instrument. 

Write a paper of 500-750 words describing the instrument’s application in counseling. Include the following in your paper.

1.  A description of the substance use disorder test, including whether the test use used for screening or a full assessment

2.  Why the selected test is used

3.  How the test is administered

4.  How the test results are interpreted and used in diagnosis and treatment

Include a minimum of two scholarly references in your paper.


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