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Make a pitch for the screenplay you’d like to sell.  

  • Title
  • 2 other existing media products your screenplay mixes:  “Like ‘GTA: Magic City’ meets ‘One Night in Miami.’”  -or- “‘Alien’ meets ‘The Bachelor.’”
  • Cast 2 possible actors for male lead, female lead, villain, comic relief.
  • Give two possible settings: Time and place.  “It’s Halloween at Midnight in a Hollywood Morgue.”  -or- “It’s October 12 on the beach in San Salvador Island, Bahamas.”
  • Write one paragraph of the hour before the trouble starts
  • Write one paragraph of the trouble
  • Write one paragraph of the darkest moment as the protagonist sees it
  • Write one paragraph as the climax occurs
  • Write one SENTENCE after the climax.

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