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Policy memo regarding to covid in singapore


 Using your own neighbourhood, imagine you are the neighbourhood representative for the  Ministry of National Development. Now that the immediate COVID crisis is being addressed,  the Ministry is making plans for enhancing “resilience” in every neighbourhood in Singapore.  As the neighbourhood representative, you have the duty to assess the situation in your  community and write a policy memo with your recommendations to the Ministry. You need to explain how your neighbourhood is faring, analyse areas of strength and weakness, and develop  proposals for further supporting your area’s resilience.  What is a policy memo? A policy memo is addressed to a specific audience, institution, or  individual. In this case, it should be addressed to the Minister of National Development. The  memo should provide analysis of the situation and specific recommendations for dealing with  issues/challenges. For this assignment, you should address place-making, sustainability, fair  practice, inclusivity, and/or governance in your recommendations. Effective memos are  focused, well-organized, and succinct.  SCO201 Tutor-Marked Assignment 01 SINGAPORE UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (SUSS) Page 3 of 7 ● In the introduction, provide relevant background context and identify important sociocultural and economic aspects of your neighbourhood. ● Discuss relevant quantitative data (such as statistics, demographics) and/or qualitative  data (such as quotes from accessible interviews) in substantiating your position. ● Analyse how members of your community including individuals, groups, and/or  businesses faced challenges posed by the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker and the  imposition of social distancing measures in 2020.  ● Referring to concepts in the Study Guide, develop thoughtful and creative proposals to  continue supporting strengths in your neighbourhood while also addressing weaknesses / challenges to increase neighbourhood resilience in the case of future pandemic  emergencies.  ● For this report, you need to demonstrate that all the information you use is based on  reliable sources. All references should be properly cited and in APA style. 


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