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Political Science – Varsity Term Papers


 4 Questions, 1 page each question (double space), cited

 No Cover Page

1 References, 

1) The US Senate has recently passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019. China has been critical of the Act. Discuss the whys of the differences in viewing ‘democracy’ between the US and China. How about mirror images developed between the two global powers? 

2) Discuss what is called ‘ASEAN Way’. How it works in their intraregional relations in Southeast Asia? How about in their international relations, including China, U.S., and Japan, for examples?

3) What is a hypothesis? Based on East Asian (or Asian) region/countries, generate any one hypothesis relevant to the security/defense.
   Discuss how you can ‘empirically’ test the hypothesis ‘quantitatively’ (quantitative approach) and/or ‘qualitatively’ (qualitative approach). How about cross-national vs. longitudinal analysis as well? Finally, what do you think should be the main stages of the ‘scientific’ research process in the study of politics as well?

4) What is the Korean Conflict? Discuss the weakness/strength of the role of the six-party talks in connection with the Korean Conflict you define. Finally, what you think should be the role of the US and China in solving the Korean conflict?


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