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Pre employment assessment | Computer Science homework help



This message is intended for Ms. Jacqueline Fulton.


Assessment Details

Deadline Date: unlimited

Assessment nameStatusOverall time you will needWhat you will needAssessmentNot Started25 minutesFlash, KeyBoard, MouseAssessmentNot Started25 minutesFlash, KeyBoard, Mouse

Click the Assessment link below in order to complete the assessment(s).

Before you start

It is recommended that you visit to find out more about online assessment, to practice assessments, or to get tips on how to prepare yourself.

For the best experience, you should access the assessment using a common operating system and browser. To find out if your browser is supported, click here.

Completing the assessment

Once you have entered the system, links to your assessments will be displayed. Answer the questions steadily with no distractions or input from any other person.

Click here to begin your assessment.

If this link is not active in your browser, please copy and paste the entire link into your browser’s address bar:

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