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Press Kit – Varsity Term Papers


The objective of this assignment is to create a press kit for a company you are interested in potentially working for.   This assignment will require you to conduct research on the company you have selected.  Please note this is an “aspirational” assignment, thus meaning you should be approaching this assignment from a career perspective. Using the knowledge you gained creating an individual press kit in Week 3, your goal is to create a more comprehensive press kit focused on an existing company.  The interesting dynamic is you have recently been hired by the company you selected, which is truly a “newsworthy” development based on your outstanding credentials.  As a result, your press kit should include the following elements:  

  • Two Biographies: One of the President, CEO or Owner (either of the three is acceptable) and one of you (as the new hire)! Both bias should include the following information: 
    • Name & Job Title*
    • Current Employment Information
    • Past Employment Information
    • Education (degrees received)
    • Achievements, awards, certifications, etc.
    • Persona (Hometown, family, hobbies, etc.)
  • A company fact sheet (maximum of one page)
  • Company History (maximum of one page)
  • Press Release – The Press Release is announcing your hiring! Please create a press release that announces this new company development. Remember to follow the 8 key points!

The press kit should be a minimum of five pages and a maximum of seven pages.


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