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Prof writing & proposal devel (dsrt-837-m40) | prof writing


 Overview: To avoid issues with self-plagiarism, you will focus on a “mock” dissertation topic to guide your work in professional writing. This “mock” dissertation topic CANNOT be used as your exact dissertation topic. However, it should be viewed as your practice round of setting up a study and learning the steps involved in building a high-quality dissertation.  In the discussion this week, you will indicate the topic you have chosen, the research question(s) you will use to explore the topic, and provide coaching to other classmates on their research questions.

As a reminder, here are the choices for your “mock” dissertation topic.

Students must choose from the listed topics of their school/program:

  • Business Students:
    • How Corporate Policies And Practices Enhance Company Competitiveness
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how it Affects Customer Loyalty
  • IT Students:
    • Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare -With The Help Of Machine Learning
    • Using Data Science Techniques To Enhance Data Security
  • Leadership / Educational Leadership Students:
    • Leadership Impact on Organizational Performance
    • The Influence of Visionary Leadership on Change Management and Implementation


  1. View the rubric to make sure you understand the expectations of this assignment.
    1. Rubric for Discusson 3.1.docx
  2. Create a discussion thread to include the following:
  3. A brief discussion of the “mock” dissertation topic you chose and why.
  4. The research question(s) you will use to employ to explore the topic.
  5. A brief discussion of how you plan to design your study to answer the research questions from #3.
  6. Reply to one other classmate (someone that does not already have a reply). Therefore, no two people should respond to one person.  In your reply, you should include:
    1. General feedback on their topic and why/how it might be research worthy.
    2. General feedback on their research question(s) and why/how they might be answerable with research.
    3. Any additional commentary or coaching you think would benefit them as they progress with their “mock” dissertation topic.


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