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Profile | Applied Sciences homework help


Profile About You
(Unit 2)

Write a profile about yourself here using the guidelines below. Use this opportunity to potentially find a classmate to interview for your profile essay after reading and replying to at least one classmate. (Note: this is not an essay, you do not have to write anything long-winded here.)

In your post, please do the following:
1. Use subtitles to organize your profile. If you’re going to provide background information, title that section: Background Information. If you’re going to provide an anecdote, you could title that section Anecdote, etc. You can use the assignment sheet for Essay 2 to help you find other ideas for sections and subtitles for this post.
2. Craft a background for your profile — give us some brief background information about you
3. Give us at least two engaging details about you
4. Tell us about the secondary discourse that you wrote about in Essay 1 (or maybe another secondary discourse that you didn’t write about, but would like to share)
5. Include a contact email and a photo of yourself in your profile (if possible) 


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