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Psy 115 week 3 assignment 1


Overview of Assignments 1-3: Principles of Success Plan

What is it that makes some people succeed in life while others do not?  As part of the writing assignments for this course, you will address this question using psychological concepts and research to determine principles of success and then apply those principles to create an actionable, research-based plan for achieving success. The principles of success you create within this course will be personal to you and will likely differ from those identified by other students.

In short weekly writing assignments in your Psychology  webtext, you will identify specific goals, determine relevant psychological principles of success, and create a plan to improve the likelihood for successfully meeting those goals. Your weekly writing responses will then be assembled into a Word document that you can download from within your Soomo webtext for each of the assignments required for this course. You will then need to revise and finalize this document and submit it through the corresponding assignment link in your Blackboard course shell. 


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