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Public private encryption | LBS 330 | Saint Leo University


 Write a research paper on digital signatures and certifying authorities including their relation to RSA Public and Private Key encryption. This research paper should be at least 800 – 1100 words and include references to the legal status in developed nations, the mathematics behind the technology, what are the major recognized authorities, and the likely future for this technology/business practice. The researcher should find the major US entities and how they relate and trust each other. On the legal topic, the researcher should find national and state laws and standards. You may also find laws from other countries and international organizations. Since many of these laws are now a decade or more old, we could also find legal interpretations of the law itself. The grading rubric remains unchanged from the syllabus. The grading rubric for the research paper includes the following: Quality of Research 25% • At least 2 peer-reviewed sources plus recent developments in the area; is any critical and easily accessible information omitted? Quality of Analysis 25% • Are summarizations and conclusions made by student clear, well thought out, and based on the cited research? Mathematical Explanations 30% • Is the math behind the topic explained well and with sufficient depth? Writing Quality 20% • Length within amounts provided, spelling, grammar, following the APA style guide? 


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