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Questions to answer | Computer Science homework help



1. Problem Solving: Your Turn: There are problems listed below you can solve by working by yourself. Use books, manuals, online help, the Internet, and other resources. Some problems are easier than others. As you work on these tasks, make some brief notes that describe your experience. Do some metacognition about your problem-solving approach.

RESEARCH and Find answers to problems below:

  #2, A user gets an error message: “Error Loading Kernel. You must reinstall Windows.” 
What is the likely cause of this message? Do you really have to reinstall Windows to fix the problem? (write comments to the user in at least 70 words minimum).

  #3, Sometimes users will call with MS Suite questions. A user calls who uses MS Excel often selects the “Shrink-to-Fit” feature in MS WORD to force a memo that is a little too long to fit on a single page. He wants to know if Excel has a similar feature that will force a Worksheet to FIT on a single page without overlapping to a second page.
Is there a Shrink-to-Fit feature in Excel? If so, how is it used? (explain to the user – minimum 70 words)

and #5. Use the operating system utilities on your PC to document the following information.
For each question, indicate which tool you used to find the information.

   a. What model of the processor is in your system?

   b. What type of bus architecture is used?

   c. How much total memory does your system have?

   d. Is the subdirectory C:NET in the search path?

   e. How is the environment variable TEMP defined?

   f. For the mouse on your system, what are the IRQ address and the device version?

   g. What is the size of the primary hard drive? How much free space is available on it?

SUBMIT using WORD (file extension –  .doc OR .docx ).


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