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Read the following instruction. then answer questions completely. you



Assignment (1)

The definition of sustainable development is development “that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” or more simply, “ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and in the generations to come.” This concept appears, on its face, to embody a contradiction.

What is your professional opinion on sustainable development?

How can society meet its own pressing needs today, without damaging or depleting the ecosystem on which future generations will depend ?

A minimum of 500 words and at least 4 references listed in APA style

Assignment (2)

For this assignment, you will complete chapter reviews- as a means of a revision- on chapters 7,8,and 9.

  1. Complete a chapter 7 review . in your review, include the two type of public policies – 20 pints
  2. Complete a chapter 8 review, and in this review, explains the three strategies types or factors influencing the Business-Government Relationship – 20 points
  3. Complete Chapter 9, review and in this review, and in this review discuss the global environmental issues and the response of the international business community to these issues – 20 points

A minimum of a 1000 words and at least 4 references listed in APA style.


Read the following instruction. Then answer questions completely. You are required to submit a typed, double-spaced, APA format, and grammatically correct document in Times New Roman with Font size set at 12 point with margins of at least 1 inch. Document must include all in-text citation, reference page, and cover page. Only educational sources are allowed. Document must be completely original, no form of plagiarism is tolerated. Any form of Plagiarism warrants a full refund. 


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