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Relationships Between the Law and the Court System


discussed different types of courts. To explore more about this topic, as well as the other topics that the course has covered thus far, write an essay discussing how a hypothetical law that bans one from verbally assaulting a puppy in public could be applied to you. Include the course topics below in your essay.
Describe how laws are created. Identify the sources of the law that you are being charged under.
Explain how the court system operates. Assess what a court would accept as your lawful arrest.
Identify the people involved in the court system. Discuss the history and duties of judges and prosecutors who you will face in court.
Define terms related to criminal courts. Identify the proper names of alternatives to trial that may be offered to you.
Explain how the court system operates. Determine how your criminal trial may proceed.
Identify the people involved in the court system. Describe the various types of attorneys who may defend you.
Analyze the relationship between the law and the court system. Explore how a law may be litigated.


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