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Renaissance humanities and fine arts



The Renaissance was a bridge from the medieval world to the  modern world, and its legacy can be seen all around us. Ready to get up  from your seat? It’s time for you to find examples of the influence of  this period!

For your assessment, create a digital scrapbook that includes  examples of the legacy of the Renaissance in your school and community.  For example, you might look at the buildings around you and find  Renaissance architectural elements such as domes and columns. Is there a  theater group in town producing a play written by Shakespeare? Perhaps  you will find a copy of the book The Prince, a Shakespeare in Love DVD, a flyer for a poetry reading, or an ad for continuing education classes at a local college. 

Hint: Make sure your examples demonstrate that you can spot the Renaissance’s influence on our culture today.  A painting that uses a Renaissance technique created by a modern-day  artist is a great example of the legacy. On the other hand, a picture of  a Renaissance painting in an art textbook does not demonstrate the influence of Renaissance artists today.

In your digital scrapbook, include the following:

  1. Five images (digital photos or drawings) of the Renaissance legacy around you including         
    • one architectural element 
    • one example from art 
    • one example from literature 
    • one invention 
    • one additional image or drawing of your choice
  2. A caption for each image which explains how it shows the legacy of the Renaissance, including how it reflects humanism, if applicable.

    Ex. The state capitol building in my hometown has Corinthian  columns. These columns are considered a classical influence because they  show the influence of Rome and Greece. In addition, the building is  symmetrical which reflects the orderliness of nature.

  3. Your digital scrapbook can be submitted as a slideshow or a  poster. Be sure any drawings are your original work. If you are  including images, you  may take photos of things in your community. If  you are unable to travel locally, consider using the internet to find  images of places or events close to your home to include in your  scrapbook or on your poster.



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