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Reply 2-1 ao | Psychology homework help


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The different designs have advantages and disadvantages. Naturalistic observations are ones that occur in a natural setting and on their own terms. An advantage would be that it would not have the chance to be manipulated since it is a natural occurrence happening, and a disadvantage would be that the results might not be accurate if the study is not conducted in a certain way. Phenomenological studies are data from personal experiences (Myers & Hansen, 2012). An advantage would be that it is a personal experience, and it would not have to include other people, a disadvantage would be that the personal experience could be impacting the study and the results. A case study is data collected from someone on the outside of the study their behavior or experience, not a personal experience. An advantage would be that the data would be collected by participants, and a disadvantage would be that it could be inaccurate depending on the person and situation. Lastly, an archival study is a study that already exists and was done before but is used for a new reason (Myers & Hansen, 2012). An advantage would be that it is from a previous study and is already done, and a disadvantage could be the same reason, it could be an older study or set of data and needs to be updated. If I were to use one of these designs for a study next week, I would choose to do a case study. I think that would be an accurate choice and have less of a chance to have problems or disadvantages. 


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