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Research paper : communication (description in text)


Descriptive/informative research paper on a topic you select using any topic presented in your primary textbook, Intimate Relationships.

Topic:  Communication

Referenced Reading:  Chapter 5 of Intimate Relationships by Rowland Miller

-Paper must conform to APA guidelines for research papers.

– A minimum of five scholarly source references are required for this assignment.

-Must be a minimum of five pages in Times New Roman, double spaced, using one-inch margins on    all sides–no extra.  The required title and reference pages DO NOT count toward the minimum number of pages of content that are required.

-APA guidelines limit the number of direct quotes that can be used in a research paper to only two or three brief quotes. You should express ideas in your own words, paraphrasing and summarizing accurately. All quotes, paraphrases, and summaries must be properly documented. 

Grading Rubric is attached.


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