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Research questions, scope, case, and charter assignment | BMIS 580 – Human Computer Interaction and Emerging Technologies | Liberty University


  Phase 1 and Phase 2 documents are for reference 

To complete this phase of your course project, you will need to submit 3 documents:

1. A Microsoft Word document that includes the Research Questions (RQs) & Objectives and Scope Statement 

2. Business Case Template

3. Project Charter Template


The first document (RQs and Scope) must be at least 2 pages of text, answers all the items listed below, follows current APA format, contains a title page, reference page with a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources, and an appendix section if needed for non-textual items.

1. Research Questions (RQs) & Objectives

Formulating your RQs and Objectives normally begins by creating a main RQ and then breaking the main RQ down into more detailed RQs (narrowing the topics—general beginnings to RQs are listed below to help you get started).

RQ 1: What are the purposes of developing…

RQ 2: What activities are most important…

RQ 3: What are the most important properties…

RQ 4: What are the most prominent relationships…

In order to answer the RQs, you need to develop your research objectives. Objectives are statements (not questions) of what you intend to do to find the answer to your research question; the successive steps you need to take in order to answer your RQs. Your objectives form the basis of your methodology (applying a particular approach or set of approaches to solving your problem) and are written using action-words oriented towards an outcome (general objectives are listed below).

To develop a solution

To design the solution

To implement the solution

To assess its impact

· Write 1 to 3 detailed RQs

· Write 1 to 3 feasible and specific objectives stating the steps needed to answer your RQs

2. Scope/Deliverables – 2 Pages

Writing a scope statement outlines the project’s deliverables and identify the constraints. Furthermore, it discusses the assumptions and key success factors of the project. Finally, the well-written scope statement clearly defines the boundaries of a project; thus, the project team and the project stakeholders need to agree to the scope statement before project execution.

· Scope Statement–state the scope of the project

o Scope should be narrow, specific, and feasible—able to accomplish the project in the allotted timeframe.

· List the functional business requirements (features/elements to be included in the new system or list the additional elements that you believe must be created, changed, or modified to the existing system).

Note: Requirements should be feasible and within the parameters of completing during the timeframe of this course.

· List the nonfunctional business requirements.

· Describe the system features/elements.

· Analyze why the system needs these features/elements (ex: more user-friendly).

3. Business Requirements Section

o Functional business 

o Nonfunctional business

Separate documents:

4. Business Case

The business case briefly states the reasons for starting a project or task. Use the provided template Business Case Template to complete this assignment. All sections of the Business Case Template must be completed; some information from your project proposal can be used here.

5. Project Charter

The project charter officially announces and authorizes the existence of the project. Use the provided Charter Template to complete this assignment. All sections of the Charter Template must be completed; some information from your project proposal can be used here.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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