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Respond to a discussion answer | SOCW 6200 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment I | Walden University


 Respond a colleagues by offering an additional development theory and explaining its connection to the act of bullying. Please use the Learning Resources to support your response. 

Social learning theory is a moral development theory that suggests that behavior can be learned (Zastrow et al., 2019). While thinking of the social learning theory, you can use an example of bullying to illustrate the definition. Children can be brought up in a home where parents use positive reinforcement and manners and respect, but a child can still become a bully. Even though the “right” behavior is taught in the home, the influence of peers can cause a child to learn how to behave negatively in their social environment (Zastrow et al., 2019).  Also, if a child is being treated poorly at home, they could harbor those emotions and take them out on other children. We see in mass media that most times that bullies have a poor home life which affects their mood and causes them to lash out at their peers. Sometimes it is to seek attention from anyone. Bullies can also learn from other bullies. Meaning, that they will see a peer treat another peer poorly and begin to chime in on the negativity.

Cyberbullying has taken over in modern times due to social media (Brown et al., 2017). Social media allows people that are essentially strangers to comment on your life and say negative things. People you know are also able to make anonymous accounts where they can say negative things as well. This is often done during adolescent stages and between school-aged children. There have been many cases where cyber bullying has had a negative result on the victim sometimes causing them to end their life.

According to Brown et al., traditional bullying and cyberbullying differ in many ways (2017). Before social media, victims of bullying could go home and have some hours where they are not being harassed or taunted. However, with cyberbullying, the victim can be reached 24/7. As I previously stated, these bullies can make numerous accounts and continue to be negative towards the victim. Now bullies can technically follow someone home, distract them from their school and other activities. Even though the activities of bullying may differ, it still has the effects of psychological, emotional, and possible physical harm.

Brown, C. F., Demaray, M. K., Tennant, J. E., & Jenkins, L. N. (2017). Cyber victimization in high school: Measurement, overlap with face-to-face victimization, and associations with social–emotional outcomes. School Psychology Review46(3), 288-303. doi:10.17105/spr-2016-0004.v46-3

Zastrow, C., Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hessenauer, S. L. (2019). Understanding human behavior and the social environment (11th ed.). Cengage Learning.


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