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Respond to dianne’s hypothesis | Statistics homework help


My hypothesis test is whether using a pain reliever, Pyridium (phenazopyridine), before a in office cystoscopy decreases the burning/pain sensation after the procedure.   A cystoscopy is where a telescope is inserted through the urethra into the bladder.  We do this procedure for many reasons including blood in the urine, bladder cancer surveillance and recurrent urinary tract infections.   Two types of hypotheses are the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis, and these two types contain opposing viewpoints (Holmes et al., 2018).  My null hypothesis would be that at least or more 80% of patients who receive Pyridium before the procedure have less pain/burning after the procedure.  My alternative hypothesis would be that less than 80% of patients who receive the medication Pyridium before the procedure have less pain/burning after the procedure.  “Cystoscopy is one of the most common procedure in Urology” (Tsukanov et al.,2020).  We do on average 60-70 cystoscopies a month. The reports we received back for the month of June stated that 80% of people experienced less pain and burning after taking Pyridium. The variable being tested is does giving Pyridium prior to a cystoscopy provide relief from pain/burning after the procedure for 80% or more of patients. We were able to test my assumption by surveying a new set of patients who took Pyridium prior to the procedure. If the results showed to not reject the null, then our office would know that Pyridium is greatly effective in providing pain relief after the procedure for most of our patients. This would indicate that we should continue using it.  If the null was rejected, then we would conclude that finding a different drug to use for this procedure would be in our best interest. This would provide more pain relief for our patients after undergoing a cystoscopy. My supposition turned out to be true because the set of data collected for the month of July had 84% of people experiencing less pain and burning after the procedure.


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