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Response week 2 | Marketing homework help



What is a peer-reviewed academic reference, and why is this necessary? How can you avoid plagiarism when you are using academic references?

According to Sansom (2019), peer-reviewed is professional journals or articles written by an expert. Before the journals are published for public view, other professionals in the same area get to go through the article to make sure it is professional and accurate. This means that peer-reviewed articles are professionally written journal articles that get to go through a thorough review from other experts, thereby making the chances of having errors relatively slim. On the other hand, academic reference lists sources that a writer uses when writing a research paper. This means that academic references are the sources used to support arguments made in a research paper. Therefore, academic references can be comprised of peer-reviewed journals and other sources used in the writing process. The peer-reviewed and academic references are necessary for the research process. They help develop strong arguments and ideas that make a research paper complete and achieve the desired goals and objectives.

However, it is imperative to note that the use of information obtained from peer-reviewed articles, as stated by the author, results in plagiarism. The best way to avoid plagiarism is through paraphrasing the information in the academic list of references selected in the research paper. In addition, one must read through the academic sources and gather ideas and arguments and ensure that the writing is done initially to make the research paper original and the sources only used as a guide to ideas development and supporting with valid arguments (Sansom, 2019). After writing the research paper, it is also important to edit the paper, scan the document to plagiarism traces, and make corrections.


Sansom, R. (2019). “Doing Research”: Understanding the Different Types of Peer-Reviewed Articles.


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