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Retailer report 3 pages due by 2/22/22 10pm eastern time


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For your selected company (Bombas brand), provide a written report on the following topics.  Report must consist of professional language in paragraph form,  be free of grammatical errors, and be formatted with  titles and sub-titles. Report should be in-depth providing information that goes beyond basic research. Citations should be provided wherever  appropriate. 

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS (25 points) – This section should  focus on the industry/market in which your company is positioned. This  section is *not* about the specific company but the industry in which  the company is positioned. 

1) Industry description

2) Future outlook of the industry

3) Status of the industry before the arrival of disruptor

4) Consumer characteristics that led to industry growth

5) Competitors currently present in the market

6) Future trends impacting the industry in a positive or negative manner

COMPANY ANALYSIS (25 points) – This section should focus specifically on the company you picked

1) Company background

2) Detailed business model (what makes them unique, what is their sustainable competitive advantage etc)

3) SWOT analysis

4) Target market characteristics (demographics, psychographics, lifestyle etc) 

5) Promotional strategy

6) Distribution strategy

7) Pricing strategy

8) Recommendations for future success


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