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Rethink global market segments | Management homework help


The global market became a multinational market region with some advantages or disadvantages. Select one of five global market segments (i.e., Dependent, Seeker, Climber, Luxury and Leisure, and Rocking Chairs), and identify and discuss about potential factors causing its market success or failure in the market segment.

The grading criteria are as follow: (1) discussion should reflect your critical thinking for the topic and the length should be at least 250 words and less than 300 words; (2) Internet sources: 2 quality citations should be provided (or hyperlinks) for supporting your discussion. Tie the reference back to a quote by using citations in the body of the post in the content; and (3) bonus 2 points will be given to the initial posting (first posting) that stimulates other students to discuss the topic.


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