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Return on investment | Information Systems homework help



Based upon the recommendations you plan to make for your week six  written assignment, use the attached spreadsheet to create a financial  case for your recommendations. Return on investment template.xlsxIn  your posting, describe your recommendations and attach the return on  investment spreadsheet with your costs and benefits. The following  resources may help you:

Video: Return on investment explains calculating return on investment, which is critically important before choosing specific IT initiatives.
Article: Return on investment explains return on investment.


As  part of this week’s discussion board I would like to discuss about  various financial concepts involved in any business. Firstly, I would  like to state few words about Return on Investment (ROI) as the name  suggests it is related to return’s which are gained as part of a single  or multiple investment. It is a scale on which the return can be  measured against the total cost which was put into the business.

Thinking  caps tutoring is the business case study which I have chosen for my  week 6 written assignment. It is a business based on one-on-one tutoring  for students from middle school to high school level’s. Training  students for exams like SAT along with supporting their school  educational purposes. It is willing to expand while maintaining the  quality of services provided.

Recommendation’s  which I have considered are creating a tutor panel which is a  management software tool used to manage the tutors efficiently in terms  of their schedule, pay, time of work and most importantly student  reviews. Second recommendation which I would like to describe is  intelligent match software tool which uses a technology where data is  collected from the student and his needs are thoroughly analyzed and is  assigned a specific tutor who can efficiently cater to those needs. It  would also help in knowing what more interest’s students and how those  interests can be fined tuned to steer student in the right direction  towards a fruitful career.  For example, if student’s data on previous  year school grades is collected it would help in forming a clear picture  of his weak subject areas along with their strong hold’s which would  then be passed on to their respective tutor for maintaining a proper  balance in training. Third recommendation would be word of mouth.  Several marketing strategies like social media, television add would be  employed to spread the word of this company tutoring services.

I feel these would enable this company in achieving a good Return on Investment.


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