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Scholarly research | Social Science homework help





Due:   Week 4 in Assignments by Sunday, 11:59pm

100   points; 15% of course grade

500-800   words (2-3 pages)


Scholarly   Research Requirements:

The   News Report asked you to think like a journalist or a consumer of the news.   

Taylor, K. (2020, July 20) Until Black Women Are Free, None of Us Will Be Free. The New Yorker. Retrieved from 

Now, the Research Component asks you to think like a Women’s Studies’   scholar: How does the information reported in the news article connect to   scholarly research in the field? What do scholars already know that can   deepen our understanding of the information reported in the article?

This   assignment will also provide an orientation to the interdisciplinary   scholarly resources available for Women’s Studies’ students and scholars.

First   (1), visit the Research Guide for   Women’s Studies at the UMGC Library. Spend some time exploring the available   resources.

To   access the Research Guide for Women’s Studies

· Click on “Resources”   > “Library” from inside the LEO Classroom

· Click on “Research   Guides” in the tabs above the search box on the library search page

· Click on “Select a   Guide” and scroll down to “Research Guide for Women’s Studies”

Second   (2), using any of the databases or   eresources available in the Research Guide, research some aspect of your news   article. You should be looking for scholarly resources. If the first database   or set of resources returns few options or only news articles and not   scholarly articles, choose another database. You could focus on the main   topic of the article (such as the gender wage gap, or women in the military),   on a specific person discussed in the article (such as an activist, or a   politician), or on a location discussed in the article (such as women in the   Midwest, or women in Nigeria), or on a related idea (such as the history of   cosmetics, or female-centered religions). Remember to maintain a focus on a   topic of interest to Women’s Studies.

Third   (3), choose two of the scholarly resources you discover, and write an   annotated bibliography of 500-800 words as described here. Chosen resources should be no more than 10 years   old.

· If you are unsure how   to determine if a given resource is “scholarly” or not, here is a guide to   evaluating resources:

· If you need help   formatting an Annotated Bibliography, here are two good resources:

o How to Write an Annotated Bibliography at the UMGC Library [note   that this assignment asks you to include both types of   annotations described here for each entry]

o Annotated Bibliography Samples at the Purdue OWL

Your   annotated bibliography should include

1. An introduction: Explain which topic you chose to   explore and why, and how you used the Research Guide to find scholarly work   on that topic. Remember to explicitly state the connection to the news   article you chose for the News Report.

2. Two annotated bibliographic references. Each of these   should include:


1. The full citation, properly cited in APA 7 Style. Note   that different types of publications (journal articles, encyclopedia entries,   ebooks) will require different citation styles.

2. A 1-paragraph summary of the findings of the research.   You should actually read both resources you present. This summary should be   in your own words. Do not copy from the summary or abstract that appears in   the online library reference listing.

3. A 1-2 paragraph evaluation of the resource. How does   the news article confirm, complicate, illustrate, or otherwise relate to the   news article? How does it deepen your understanding of the same subject as   covered in the news article?




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