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Scholarship application | Education homework help



How will the Westcliff University Scholarship Program assist you in attaining your academic goals.

Here is an outline for you to follow as a guideline when writing the essay. 

First Paragraph:

Introduce yourself. 1 -2 sentences since the scholarship committee does not know who you are. Give them a bit of background of yourself prior to coming to Westcliff, your concentration. Introduce your academic and career goals using  1-2 sentences. 

Second Paragraph:

-Explain each of your goals more in-depth.

-Why you are applying for this scholarship?

-You can elaborate on your current struggles/ challenges you are currently facing in your academics pertaining to finance. 

-you can talk about your attempts to find CPT and struggles with CPT and finances (if any).

3rd Paragraph:

Conclusion on how will the Westcliff University Scholarship Program assist you in attaining your academic goals?   How it can help alleviate some of your financial issues if any. How will it help propel your career?


1. You could leave some parts of first paragraph in blank with (Parenthesis) so I could fill it in later such as name and concentration.

2. I have attached the “Journal for Internship Course” that you have wrote it for me previously, so you could better understand my career backgrounds and my current job situation.

3. Minimum of 300 words, double-spaced


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