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Sexual harassment discussion | Anatomy homework help


First, take a few minutes and read the web article, 2019 Study on Sexual Harassment and Assault ( that gives some background information on the emergence of the #MeToo Movement and explains why a large, nationally representative survey was conducted to gather more information about the experience of sexual harassment and assault. Next, review the 2-page executive summary (  of the main findings of the report. Then, respond to the discussion questions below.

In addition to the article and executive summary, you are encouraged to support your comments with other credible sources. Be sure to use in-text citations and references to the sources you discuss.

  1. This article suggests that the #MeToo movement has changed social norms, making it more acceptable to discuss sexual harassment. To what extent do you think this movement and the accompanying social changes have raised awareness of what sexual harassment is? Why?
  2. Discuss one finding from the report, related to sexual harassment specifically, that either surprised you or confirmed a belief you hold. Be sure to explain your comments.
  3. What is the value, in your opinion, of having statistics about the prevalence and types of sexual harassment being experienced? Why?


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