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 The term paper should be at least five pages long and should include the following sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Discussion, and Conclusion. Your paper must be typewritten, using 1.5 line spacing, and must be properly referenced using the APA referencing style. Ensure that your work conforms to proper use of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Your paper should read like a very well-written journal article. (As this is a Research Methods class, you must emphasize the research method/s you employed to gather data for your paper). I encourage you to discuss the research project with each other. You must, however, submit a work that is truly yours. In other words, while two or more people can write on the same topic, the paper you submit must reflect individual enterprise, that is, you are not allowed to collaborate on the actual writing of the assignment. The following are suggested outlines for your term paper: Introduction (Problem statement) Literature Review (Review of the extant literature on the subject). Research Design (Methods applied to obtain materials for the study. Justify why you chose this research method as against other methods. As this is a Research class, this is the most important part of the project) Research Findings Discussion of Research Findings Implications of Study/Research Findings for policy/solving of the real-life problem. The following are good sources for data for your term paper: (The University Library will be your best place to start your inquiry. Do not also forget that I remain your other source for guidance, and I am available to assist you when you call on me. To complete a good research paper, you must give yourself time. Start now to put your materials and thoughts together. It is not possible to write a good research paper within 24 hours). Refereed Academic/ Professional Journals Books published by Academic Presses Magazines or Newspapers that are highly regarded The Mainstream Popular Press Internet sources (etc). 


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