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Silent film | English homework help


Your final project in the course will comprise scoring a short silent film. This project builds on your midterm scoring project skills and the culmination of your experience in this class. You can use (Links to an external site.) to create your musical score and then import your soundtrack into a basic video editor like (Links to an external site.). (If you prefer to use another one like iMovie, please feel free!)

  1. You must use pre-existing (compilation) music OR original music AND sound effects AND sound design (sound manipulation).
  2. You must pay close attention to the interaction of sound and image.
  3. You should not have music playing at a steady volume throughout. Rather, you should employ carefully considered means of bringing the music in and out in counterpoint with the sound design.
  4. The video for the project can be downloaded from the Library of Congress (you should download the MOV file format if you’re using clipchamp). (Links to an external site.) The movie should be at least 1 minute long.  If you want to score a scene from a silent film that is not in this collection you must discuss it with me first. Please note: If your video is less than 55 seconds, a 15-point penalty will apply. If you choose a shorter video, please “loop it” or something of that nature to make sure it meets the required minute.
    • Update: It seems as if some videos in the LOC catalog removed the .mov download option and only have a gif option. This is a change to the LOC website since I last taught this course. I have, however, found most of these silent films on youtube via the Library of Congress Youtube Page.  (Links to an external site.)I then used a simple online download tool/chrome extension (Links to an external site.) to download the video to my computer as an MP4. I can then upload it to ClipChamp or whatever video editor I like.
      In the worst case scenario, I can download the video on your behalf, if needs be! So please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re having trouble!
  5. You must also write a short 250-400 word narrative, describing how the techniques and ideas presented in class influenced your creative decisions.


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