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Social institutions | SOCI 1001 – Introduction to Sociology | Walden University


What comes to mind when you think of social institutions?

You might think of establishments that offer products or services to members of a community. However, social institutions exist at various levels within a society. For example, your family unit, your neighborhood, the organization where you work, and the places where you attend religious services and seek medical treatment are all social institutions. Given the level of each social institution within society, each has its own power within the social structure. Consider how these powers might contribute to or resolve social issues within a society.

For this assignment, you will examine the social institutions involved in the social issue you addressed in this week’s Discussion. You also will explore the role of power and the functions of social institutions within your chosen social issue.

For your Journal entry:

  • Describe the social institution(s) involved in your chosen social issue and how they are involved in the issue.
  • Explain how the social institution(s) use their power with regard to the social issue and how you would like to see the social institution(s) use that power.
  • Thinking back to the guide on sociological perspectives from Week 1, explain whether the perspective(s) you chose still “fits” with your chosen social issue and the rationale for your position. If it no longer “fits,” explain which one does and why.
  • Write at least 300 words.

My social issue is Unemployment.

Support your response with information from these Learning Resources:


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