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Speech analysis | English homework help


Choose a famous speech to analyze and incorporate the following into the analysis.

  1. Discuss who you think the intended audience is for the speech.
  2. Provide three or more examples of figures and tropes used by the speaker. (See Chapter 8.) What effect do you think these had on the delivery of the speech?
  3. Analyze the speech using the canons of rhetoric from this week’s lesson: invention, arrangement, delivery, and style. Did the speaker demonstrate a mastery of all four canons? Please provide specific examples.

Here is a list of famous speeches to choose from.

Barbara Bush’s Commencement Speech at Wellesley College:

Jim’s 1993 ESPY Speech from V Foundation for Cancer Research:

“The Ballot or the Bullet,” Malcolm X:

“Inaugural Address,” John F. Kennedy:

“1976 DNC Keynote Address,” Barbara Jordan:

“I Have a Dream,” Martin Luther King: 

Mr. Rogers Lifetime Achievement Speech: 

Grading Rubric

ContentPointsDescription of audience: There is a clear understanding of the audience of the speech and considerations made to engage the audience. 10 points

Examples: Specific examples are utilized to illustrate key tropes, techniques, and ideas to describe the effectiveness of the speech and its delivery. 15 Points

Analysis: The canons of rhetoric are used to provide a thoughtful analysis of the invention, arrangement, delivery, and style of the speech. 20 Points

Style and format is unified and adheres to APA standards. 5 Points

Total 50 Points


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