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Spss worksheet 7 due saturday, november 18, 2017


This is how the format should be:

I have asked that you submit all assignments in the question and answer format and have shared in your previous assignments what that looks like. I am not sure why you are not submitting your assignments in that format. I am unable to tell what responses go with what questions and am unable to grade this assignment as provided. Please resubmit this assignment by 10/31/2017 in the proper format as indicated below:

1. Present two tables: 

a. Table 1 should show the results of a one-way ANOVA based on current family income, including Eta. 

b. Table 2 should show the results of a two-way ANOVA based on both current family income and gender, including Eta.

Your answer goes here

2. Provide a narrative discussion of both tables. Include Eta, the Levene test, and the observed change in the F-value of current family income when moving from a one-way to a two-way analysis.

Your answer would go here.

You must write out each question and then place the answer directly under that question. Do not lump all of the answers together, just answer each question. 

Week 7 Worksheet

SPSS Week 7: Non-Parametric Testing

Download the data set divorce-studentversion.sav from this week’s resources. Then, review both the Data View and the Variable View to obtain a general understanding of the data.

1)The researcher is interested in exploring disputation of life patterns and disruption of social relationship when comparing males and females. 

2)After conducting a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, the researcher determined these two dependent variables did not meet the standard for normality. For this comparison, a non-parametric test is then required.

3)Conduct a Mann-Whitney test by selecting the options the researcher would need (use the Non-parametric Test analysis, and within this grouping, select “Legacy Dialogs”).

Using scholarly writing and proper APA format, please complete, and then submit the following:

4)Based on your experience in this course, present tables to adequately report the results of this analysis.

5)In narrative form, discuss the results of this analysis.

6)Include an appendix that contains all SPSS output (copied and pasted) for the items above.

7)For possible use within your future research, identify the non-parametric counterparts to the following parametric tests:

A) Parametric Tests Non-Parametric Tests

B) Independent t-test ?

C) Dependent t-test ?


E) Repeated Measures ANOVA ?

F) Pearson ?


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