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Stakeholder buy-in | Computer Science homework help




Effectively applying enterprise architecture is no easy task. To be successful, it demands collaboration and clear communication between architects and stakeholders. If stakeholders don’t have buy-in, they may be reluctant to adopt the architecture into their enterprise and it may ultimately fail.

Consider the following:

  • How do you convince and motivate non-technical stakeholders to support your initiatives?
  • How do you calculate a stakeholder’s expected value or objective?
  • What happens when a stakeholder objective conflicts with an enterprise objective?
  • What are some communication strategies for maintaining stakeholder support?
  • How do modelling languages and semantic/symbolic models help?
  • What are your own personal opinions regarding the usefulness and capabilities of the various graphical languages and modelling techniques shown so far?

Response Parameters

  • Posts should be 200 words minimum in length

Use scholarly article for source and reference.


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