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Step teaching | Education homework help


Lesson plans guide instructional delivery of required   curricular content. A good lesson plan is aligned to academic state or   national standards and the district adopted curriculum, if available.   Strong lesson plans include required components and define what the   students are learning to do, how the teacher will teach those skills,   and how the students and teacher will know if they have mastered the   content. An examination of lesson plans can improve understanding of   instructional planning to meet all student needs in a diverse classroom.

Use the “Rhetorical Devices Lesson Plan”   and “Sight Words Guided Reading Lesson Plan” to inform the   assignment that follows.

For each lesson plan, answer the following prompts   in 50-150 word responses each. For each prompt, keep in mind the   students for whom the lesson is written:

  • What is the lesson’s objective? Is it measurable and     observable? If not, how could the objective be rewritten to be     measurable and observable? Provide the grade level and academic     subject area for the lesson, along with the corresponding academic   standards.
  • Is whole group instruction utilized in the lesson?     If not, how can whole group instruction be incorporated into the     lesson? Is small group instruction utilized” If not, how could     it be incorporated? How could a co-teacher be utilized during   instruction?
  • What technology might be incorporated to     increase student engagement during lesson activities?
  • What     is a strategy you could teach within the lesson to a student with     dyslexia to help them decode and comprehend the vocabulary being     presented? (Select a different strategy for each lesson).
  • How could you assess student learning during the lesson? Outline     a formative assessment that is developmentally appropriate for the     students and aligned to the lesson’s learning objectives.
  • What are two principles of Universal Design for Learning you     could incorporate into the lesson?

Cite the “Rhetorical Devices Lesson   Plan” and “Sight Words Guided Reading Lesson Plan”   where appropriate.


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