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Student safety | Education homework help


Title Page

Introduction: This brief section will be an overview of the topic

Policies: This section will discuss what your local school district’s policies are regarding reporting and recording incidents of violence within the schools? How frequently are student perpetrators referred to juvenile authorities? What is the relationship between the school system and the local police department (such as whether school resource officers report to the district or to the municipal police department)?

Bullying: This section will discuss how your state law defines bullying in schools? What programs does the school district have in place?

Alliances: This section will discuss if schools in your area have gay-straight alliances? Do the schools utilize gay-friendly curricular and support materials?

Digital Age: This section will discuss what your school’s policies are regarding students’ behavior on social networks and other forms of digital communication, both on and off the campus? What are the policies for employees, particularly those governing their interactions with students in cyberspace?

Support Services: This section will discuss what kinds of counseling and support services the schools in your district offer to students? How long have these employees worked on this particular campus and approximately how much time can they spend with individual students? What are the issues they have to address most frequently?


References: 5 scholarly references minimum


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