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Summary response essay | Criminal homework help


2 pages 

instruction and reading attached 

Read the article “The coming of the superpredators” by John Dilulio. Then, write an essay summarizing and responding to the article, answering the questions below. Your essay should respond to Dilulio’s theses, making an argument for whether you agree or disagree with his basic argument(s) regarding the causes of juvenile delinquency and how society should best respond to juvenile delinquency. The length of the essay should be about 750 words (500-1000 range) or about 3 pages (2-4 page range) if using double-spacing and 12-point font. Note: length is provided for guidance only; content is most important.  1. What is Dilulio’s main thesis? Include any additional theses you identify. 2. What anecdotal evidence does Dilulio cite in support of his theses?  3. What empirical evidence does Dilulio cite in support of his theses?  4. What is the logic of Dilulio’s argument(s)? 5. Do you agree or disagree with Dilulio’s thesis? Include why (e.g. credibility of evidence, logic of argument). 


To pass this assignment, your essay should do the following: 

 Summary: o Accurately and completely summarizes/describes article  Evaluation/response: o Contains a clear thesis o Provides reasoning and evidence to explain position  Organization and coherence: o Introduction engages audience o Ideas flow logically and coherently o Conclusion summarizes arguments, reiterates thesis  Professionalism: o Contains minimal (less than 5) errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, use of abbreviation, incomplete sentences  Format and length o Double-spaced, 12-point font o Minimum 500 words or 2 pages  

Assignments must be submitted to the Dropbox on D2L (located under Activities > Assignments) 


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