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“switched on bhutan” by alexis bloom and one visual text. | collage


For this week’s discussion, choose “Switched on Bhutan” by Alexis Bloom AND one visual text.  Write one paragraph for each selection. (One written text and one visual text).PLAGIARISM FROM THE INTERNET WILL RESULT IN A “0” for the assignment.

First focus is on the main idea. You can access the full discussion board and view all the forums from the Discussion Board link in the course menu.

Post #1: Choose “Switched on Bhutan” and answer the following (5 to 6 lines long):

  • Describe the main theme in one or two sentences by identifying the conflict, climax and resolution.

Post #2: Respond meaningfully to your peers’ posts. Encouragement is welcome but try to do more than simply agree with their choice, ask a question, offer suggestions,  share an example, or comment on the thesis or message (5 to 6 lines long).Visual Text  (Select one image below): Answer the question:


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