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Tech hazards – post reply


Please provide a reply to the following post in 200 words or more. 

 Man made hazardous are events that are caused by some type of humane intent, negligence, threat or error. This could be an event like a airline crash, weapons of mass destruction or hazardous material spills and or release. A technology hazard while similar is slightly different in that is a hazard primarily created by man made technology is unplanned and with no malice action behind it but the threat to humane life and property can result. This could be an event like a hazardous material spill, nuclear plant failure, dam failure or transportation accidents all of which seem similar to man made but can have that element of unplanned accident or just failure as a cause. For me I think man made diesters are less unpredictable because people can show signs of intention and many take a lot of planning to do so leaving an effort in there to stop it. They can also be far more dangerous as people that are intent of causing harm are able to target more directly then say an earth quake. Of all the man made diester that I can think of I do think that transportation accidents would be the easiest one to mitigate. Driving is a pivalate and not a right and driving has changed a lot since it began over one hundred years ago. While I wouldn’t not advocate for it and I’m sure most wouldn’t many things could be put in place such as breathalyzers, automated cars, increased use of public transportation systems or heavier fines on driving records and making more difficult to get a license all together. Making transportation more of a tool than a privilege I believe would greatly reduce its potential risk of causing hazardous.  


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