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Temperature, pulse, respiration | health | Chamberlain College of Nursing


  1. What is TPR? Why is it important to take a TPR? Explain 
  2. Name and Describe 2 diseases/illnesses that can be diagnosed or indicated by measuring vital signs . (Ensure that you indicate what normal ranges are for the specific vital signs and how the patient is affected if these ranges are not normal ) ( APA citation-at least 2 resources )  
  3. Medical asepsis, procedures are used to reduce the number of microorganisms and prevent their spread. Give an example of a “specific situation that could result in contamination and explain how you would use proper aseptic techniques to handle it.    

FYI- “specific situation” in the doctor’s office, dentist, emergency room, surgery rooms, clinics, outpatient care centers, and other health care settings 


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