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The assignment must be submitted as a word document, with a spacing


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English, Literature and Philology
: To what extent are teaching and learning inextricably interwoven?
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This assignment includes two parts. You must answer both parts.
Part 1: For the duration of this semester keep a journal in which you reflect on one
specific aspect of your teaching (e.g. online teaching, teaching during COVID-19,
lesson planning, classroom management, methodology, assessment, etc.). How do
these reflections support your development as a language teacher? Illustrate your
answer with extracts from your journal.
Part 2: To what extent does journal writing act as a metacognitive tool? Discuss the
concepts and processes involved in keeping a journal and how these may support
and/or inhibit professional development in language teaching. Support your answer
with references to the relevant literature.
Assignment Rules and Guidelines
 Word length 4000 words excluding references. Acceptable range is -/ 10%.
 Use at least 12 references
 Work should be organised with a title, headings (e.g., introduction, conclusion,
 References must be correctly cited in the text using (Author, Year) referencing.
References should be correctly cited at the end of the essay. Use APA referencing
The assignment must be submitted as a Word document, with a spacing of 1.5 lines
and font size 12. It should be written in an essay form.


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