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The content of the scholarly paper is an indicator of the thought




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Content and Thought

The content of the scholarly paper is an indicator of the thought processes used by the student in the development and execution of the assignment.

The indicators of these processes are:

  • Uses relevant references.
  • Addresses all components of assigned criteria.
  • Synthesizes information.
  • Applies theories and concepts.
  • Uses logical reasoning and correct inductive or deductive reasoning.


Organization Structure

  • Includes purpose in introduction.
  • Paper is logically arranged with introduction, body, and summary.
  • Subsections and paragraphs reflect the main idea.
  • Transitions occur between thoughts.


Literacy and Style

  • Uses professional vocabulary.
  • Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • Maintains economy of expression.



  • Title page is correct.
  • Page numbering is accurate.
  • Page header is appropriate.


  • Citation of references in text is correct.
    • Direct quotes
    • Paraphrasing
  • Reference list follows APA format.
    • Citations in text are included on reference
    • Reference list citations are included in text



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