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The first part of the project is about the subject of “venture



I will conclude myself: 

you have to write about 700 words answering the questions: Question 1: Identify and explain two potential features of preferred stock that are considered venture-capital friendly. In other words, explain two preferred-stock features that you would object to if you were representing an entrepreneur. 

Question 2: Why are most Silicon Valley startups c-corporations rather than LLCs? 

and other 700 word answering the questions: 

question 1 : Why does Congress have the authority to regulate a private employer’s actions, such as prohibiting an employer’s ability to choose which employees to hire and fire based on race? 

Question 2: Describe Congress’ Spending Powers. What limits have the courts applied to Congress’ Spending Powers with respect to joint federal-state program funding? Why do those limits exist?

I’m studying in the university and my grades are very high…..I will be very grateful if you could keep on that grades 🙂

cause I still don’t know you but I’m sure you will do a great job and I have some more projects

I sent you. its two different subjects so pay attention and don’t mix it up. you can write even more then 1500 words (I will be happy!).
the works is relying on the stuff that I sent you

the first part of the project is about the subject of “venture capital” and the second part is about “”into to us system law.

The Client is Israeli But I think the paper is on US law.


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