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“the strange enigma of racism in contemporary america,” | EDG 3321 | Miami-Dade College


After reading Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s chapter, “The Strange Enigma of Racism in Contemporary America,” Brownstein’s article, “The Challenge of Educational Inequality,” and watching “Cultural Pedagogy: Educational Equality for our Youth,” develop your Discussion Post in accordance with the Quotation-Response-Question (Q-R-Q) directions which follow.

  • The student begins a Discussion post by selecting a portion from the instructional material assigned — any section of information that the student found particularly interesting. The selection portion of text is then typed or copied/pasted into the Discussion Box. The Q should be an exact copy and punctuated correctly using quotation marks.
  • Following the quoted material, the student develops an original R to the quotation.  The R can criticize, question, support the concept inherent in the quotation; you can include some practice teacheing. This means that the student responds after providing a brief explanation as to why s/he selected the particular section of text or transcript. Remember: Avoid merely summarizing or paraphrasing the quotation.
  • The discussion post is concluded by asking a Q that emerges from the quoted material and the student’s response.




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