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“to make your business messages more readable, you can do which of


Question 1

“To make your business messages more readable, you can do which of the following?

Add footnotes.

Incorporate numbered and bulleted lists.

Include a bibliography at the end.

Eliminate white space.

Question 2

“An organizational pattern that presents the main idea followed by details, explanation, and evidence represents the

indirect organizational pattern.

direct organizational pattern.

geographical organizational pattern.

chronological organizational pattern.

Question 3

“Which of the following is a phrase?

On page three of the owner’s manual

She applied for the scholarship

If you are available

Because you surpassed your sales goals

Question 4

“Conduct a discussion of, give consideration to, and reach a conclusion that are all examples of

verbs that have been converted to nouns.

long lead-ins.

trite business phrases.


Question 5

“What type of outline shows how every item at every level relates to the whole?

Decimal outline

Alphanumeric outline

Scratch list

Web-based outline

Question 6

“The sentence Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions could be made more effective by eliminating a(n)

trite business phrase.

flabby expression.                       


opening filler.

Question 7

“Phase 3 of the 3-x-3 writing process begins with doing which of the following?

Evaluating your document to determine whether it achieves its purpose

Deciding how to organize the message

Composing the first draft

Revising the message to improve content and sentence structure

Question 8

“Alexis must proofread a complex business document. What is the best advice you can give her?

Proofread the document on your computer screen to save paper.

Be prepared to find errors.

Read the document just once to save time.

Alexis should do all of these.

Question 9

“The sentence I am writing this e-mail message to let you know that we have received and processed your return

contains a redundancy.

contains a long lead-in.

contains empty words.

is an example of good business writing.

Question 10

“Chloe is part of a team identifying ideas to cut expenses. The team has decided to hold a brainstorming session. What is the best thing the team can do during this session?

Remember that the goal of a brainstorming session is quality, not quantity.

Critique and evaluate each idea as it is presented during the brainstorming session.

Set an established time limit.                       

To encourage the maximum number of ideas, avoid defining the problem at the beginning of a brainstorming session.

Question 11

“Which of the following phrases is free of redundancies?

Essential items

Big in size

Combined together

New beginning

Question 12

“To make your business messages concise, you should avoid which of the following?

Flabby expressions

Unnecessary introductory words

Redundancies and empty words

All of these choices

Question 13

“Which of the following is an advantage of writing concisely?

Concise messages are easier to comprehend than wordy messages.

Concise messages are more persuasive.

Concise messages are less emphatic than wordy messages.

All of these choices are advantages of writing concisely.

Question 14

“Which of the following sentences avoids use of trite business phrases?

The application will be sent under separate cover.

Enclosed please find a coupon to use during your next visit.

We have received your loan application.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have questions.

Question 15

“Terry is working on a business proposal for a prospective client. What is the primary question Terry should ask as he gathers information for his project?

How much money does the client have?

What does the client need to know about this topic?

Does the client have a good reputation in the community?

How can I make myself look good in the eyes of my client?

Question 16

“Which of the following is a run-on sentence?

Many companies use Facebook to connect with customers; some even use Twitter.

Many companies use Facebook to connect with customers, and some even use Twitter.

Many companies use Facebook to connect with customers some even use Twitter.

None of these choices

Question 17

“Which of the following sentences contains a comma splice?

Brandon will write the document, but Alicia will proofread it.

Brandon will write the document, Alicia will proofread it.

Brandon will write the document; however, Alicia will proofread it.

None of these choices

Question 18

“Which of the following is done during Phase 2 of the writing process?





Question 19

“Complete sentences

have subjects.

have verbs.

make sense.

All of these choices.

Question 20

“Sensitive messages that deliver bad news should usually be organized

in an indirect pattern.

by geographical area.

in a direct pattern.

in a pivoting pattern





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