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Topic: child abuse: how large is the problem and what are we doing


 TOPIC: Child Abuse: how large is the problem and what are we doing about it?

Below are the requirements for doing this senior paper.

All senior papers will be posted to the server for one year or more and papers will be sent to for a plagiarism check before grading by you. If your paper is 21% or more of a match, then you will be contacted and given the opportunity to revise this. recommends 20% or less.

1. Paper must be between 10-15 pages of the title page, abstract and reference list do not count, nor do pictures, charts, graphs, etc. DOUBLE SPACE THIS PAPER TOO! Oh and only have 1″ margins on each side.

2. You must use five to ten different sources of materials..(there are five required items you must use in this paper..see the syllabus for details.) Don’t send me all internet sources either or you will lose points.

3. must have an introduction, body and conclusion..the introduction and conclusion should be more than five sentences.

4. citations and reference list must be in APA format..not MLA and not Turebien. If it is not in APA, you may be forced to redo this.

5. If you turn your paper in ten days early, I will award 10 points extra credit to your final paper grade; 9 days, 9 points, 8 days, 8 points etc.

6. Use spell check, grammar check and make sure you know where to put proper punctuation in. If you have more than 50 grammar errors, you will have to revise it before I accep it as your final paper.


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