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Topic selection + initial research


 One of the most difficult aspects of academic writing is selecting and narrowing down a topic. For your project, you will need to choose a social institution to analyze. These can include things like: Education, The Economic, Occupations, Travel, Politics/Government, The Military, Religion, Family, The Environment, The Criminal Justice System, Housing, Medical, Restaurants, The Media, Recreational/Athletic Fields, etc… 

 This assignment will help you to get started on your project. For this assignment you will simply need to submit 2-3 paragraphs using the following questions as a guide. 


  1. Which general social institution are you interested and why?
  2. Can you think of specific aspects of this institution that are interesting for you? What makes these interesting for you? For example, if you choose ‘Family’ perhaps you are interested in single family households. You can even narrow this down further and think about researching single family households in LA.
  3. Find 3 resources about your institution, summarize in a sentence or two the main ideas of each resource. Add a formal citation at the end of your assignment for each of your resources.                                                                                         


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