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Toulmin analysis | English homework help


Find an argument article in a credible popular media source such as Psychology Today, Smithsonian, Time, Newsweek, or Scientific American.

Use the Toulmin schema to analyze the article.  You will look for the  type of argument (fact, definition, cause, value, or policy), the claim  and the common values the author(s) assume the audience will agree on. 

Next determine the types of support to include warrants, any backing,  and whether the author(s) addressed any potential counter-arguments. 

What rebuttal is used to explain why the counter-arguments are wrong, or to limit or qualify the argument so that the counter-arguments are minimized? 

Formatting: MLA formatting is required

Word Requirement: 1,000 – 1250 words

What would need to be added to make the argument stronger?  

Your thesis should look something like this: 

The argument “____________________________”, written by  ____________________________________ in  ______________________________________ (Magazine Title) is effective (or  not effective) because………………  (select at least 3  items  from the Toulmin schema that help the argument (or hurt the argument).  


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