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Tourism Marketing


 Individually, write a report which summarizes how the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020-ongoing) has affected consumer behavior in a chosen destination.

In this task, you should:

– Summarize how the destination has reacted to the outbreak of the pandemic, how they have implemented lockdown, and/or safety measures up to the

date of delivering this task, and most importantly, how this crisis has been communicated to their targets.

– Explain which targets were prominent for the destination before the pandemic, and critically evaluate whether changes have occurred about those

segments because of the pandemic.

– Analyze information on the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of the destination’s targets that might have affected how, when, and if they have changed

their relationship to the destination.

(This is a time-controlled assignment. The destination will be presented to students once the task is uploaded to the Moodle. To prevent plagiarism and copy, a

different destination might be suggested to each individual student).

Besides the formal requirements such as cover, table of contents and references, this task should present:

– At least the use of one tourist intelligence sources regarding the current information on the destination

– At least use one official, scientifically based source regarding the advancement of the pandemic in the chosen destination.

– Utilize at least two consumer analysis resources to identify customer behavior regarding the pandemic and the chosen destination.

– The students are allowed to include images and infographics to better present the key information, provided the wordcount of 3000 words is respected.

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