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Typhon 1 | Nursing homework help



1.     Log into Typhon and Watch the Student Entry Tutorial Video (70 minutes) in all entirely.

2.     Fill out the default settings section with the current term, as preceptor you can put the Professor’s name (Patricio Bidart) and select the course “MSN5600L Typhon Practice” as the clinical location. This will help you in the future and save time when you open your case logs.

3.     Then Write a 1 paragraph summary about what you learned about Typhon and the most important skills you will use in clinical rotation.

4.    You must upload the document in Moodle under Typhon Assignment 1

Instructions to log into Typhon:

·       Log in to Typhon System:

All Student will receive an email with Username and password.

 –       Your Username is your MRC Email

 – School code 3111

 – Typhon Student NPST Login Link

–      Entry Tutorials Link (Must be logged in) 


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