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Unit 4 assignment | Law homework help


In this assignment, visit the Frontline website: Quiz: Spot the Illegal Police Stop. When you arrive at the webpage, read each of the 7 scenarios carefully and answer the “quiz” question which follows each scenario based upon the information you’ve learned in this unit. Make sure to record your answers.In a short paper, in essay format, answer the following questions:

  1. Which scenarios did you answer correctly and which did you answer incorrectly? Explain why you believe you answered incorrectly, where that applies.
  2. Select 3 of these scenarios in the quiz activity and describe for each how you might change the facts to lead to the opposite conclusion. For example, if the answer to the scenario was “yes”, change the scenario, factually, in such a way that you believe that the analysis would lead to a “no” answer. Make sure to explain why you believe that your changed scenario would lead to the new response. Do this for 3 of the scenarios.

There is no page limit to this assignment, but be sure to support your responses with authority and to present your information in APA format.

Quiz: Spot the Illegal Police Stop


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