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Unit 7 db: learning math through music and movement activities in


 You may remember learning some facts through music, whether it involved state capitals or how to add and subtract. In this video, teachers talk about how they use music to help them teach math to students. Notice the variety of mathematical concepts that the teachers address with music.In your initial post, respond to the following:

  1. Identify two instances in the video where music is used to teach math.
  2. In addition to the tambourines used in the video, there are several other instruments and ways to help children understand rhythm. Share how you would use other rhythm instruments such as drums, maracas, rhythm sticks, triangles, or bells to help children feel and experience rhythm. 
  3. How would you reengage the little girl in the video who had lost interest in the alligator game?
  4. Find a song that teaches a math or literacy concept. Attach an audio file, a link to the song, or provide the lyrics.

With your peers, discuss the songs that you each shared and how those can be used to support learning for all children including those with special needs.  


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